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At Red Kape, we only believe in practical steps and specific actions to deliver results.

Our Sales Accelerator Program is designed to help our clients with practical strategies and tactcis that have delivered success over multiple years.  Businesses worldwide are using our strategies to achieve their sales targets and grow their businesses.

And the key to our success is our no nonsense approach.  We don’t give you fluff.  We give you actionable strategies, broken down into easy to follow steps that will help you take your growth to the next level.

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“£154,000 In Extra Sales In Just 3 Months”

““We created a referral programme using the Referral System templates and examples in The Core Asset.

We spent just £2,300 and in the in the first 3 months it generated £154,000 in extra sales.”

Gary Pierce,

Hopes & Dreams Children’s Nurseries

Isle of Man

“The Strategies Work And Are Easy To Implement”

“As you know I launched the business by sending leaflets to as many people and nursing homes as I could.

After the Marketing Makeover the results transformed and gave me the start I needed and the business has just gone from strength to strength ever since.

Thank you.”

Shelly Warner,

Foothealth Practitioner


“Up 3 Times On Like For Like Sales Vs Last Year”

“… I have reiterated to staff the need to up-sell using the scripts and this month we have been up 3 times on like for like sales versus last year.

Amazing – thank you the coaching programme is even better than I could have imagined.

Michael Thickpenny

LP4 (Le Petit Français)


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Scientific Marketing Makeover

You are in for a treat!

After years of testing and literally producing hundreds of marketing materials, we’ve discovered that there are 9 proven tactics (I call them 9 Core Elements) that transform ordinary marketing into top quality marketing.

Our Scientific Marketing Makeover uses these 9 key elements to analyse the effectiveness of your marketing.

By using a simple to use scoring system, we will identify what is good in your current marketing.  We also give you recommendations for improving your marketing and how to implement them.

Sales Accelerator Roadmap

Wouldnt you like to have a simple roadmap that could accelerate your business growth?

The Sales Accelerator Roadmap is an amazing software that identifies the relative strengths and weaknesses of your sales and marketing processes.

It then proceeds to analyse gaps in your entire sales & marketing processes, and shows what you need to put in place (in the right and systematic order) to quickly get results.

Ultimately Sales Acceleretor Roadmap provides a simple way for you to quickly accelerate the growth of your business.

The Formula

What if I told you there actually is a formula that could deliver exponential growth to your business?

Yes, a simple formula that has repeatedly proven to produce amazing results over and above the odds for multiple businesses.

Start by clicking on the link and discover how to use The FORMULA into your business strategy and rapidly take your sales to the next level.

This Formula deliver results.  And if you’ve been looking for a proven way to grow your business fast without losing the shirt on your back, this is for you.

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Growing your sales and transforming your business need not stay just a dream.

By joining our Sales Accelerator Program, you could use our world class mentoring system that would enable you to smartly move your sales to another level


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