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5 easy days … Test ones own joy by lightning link free coins. 9 powerful tactics … Unlimited fun

Improve Your Marketing

The ‘SELL MORE STUFF CHALLENGE’ will help you to streamline your marketing and mprove your sales strategies and processes

Get More Sales

When applied correctly, the ‘SELL MORE STUFF CHALLENGE’ will help you convert more and sell more

Spend No Extra Money

The ‘SELL MORE STUFF CHALLENGE’ is deigned to get results without you spending any extra penny

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Most Sales & Marketing Processes Are Flawed & Ineffective


Will Fix This And Transform Your Results

What would it mean to you if from the comfort and safety of your home or office you could, in just 5 days, lay the foundation to increase your sales by 10%, 25%, 50%, 100%… or more?
Well…you can with the SELL MORE STUFF CHALLENGE
Better still…
You can do it WITHOUT spending a penny more than you’re doing right now!
And, providing you accept the Challenge… you can achieve results that you never thought or dreamed were possible.
In fact, if any of the following apply to you… then the SELL MORE STUFF CHALLENGE is EXACTLY what you’re looking for…

So, If You Want To Grow Your Sales But Not Getting The Results …

… then you have got to take up this FREE challenge.
Yes, that’s right. For a limited time you can take the ‘SELL MORE STUFF CHALLENGE’ completely FREE.
There is, however, one small catch…
You promise to put a couple of hours aside during each day of the challenge to complete the assignments.
That’s all.
Now I’m sure you’ll agree that’s not much of a catch, especially if you’re a business owner and entrepreneur looking to achieve transformational results.
But, of course, if you do nothing, you’ll simply keep getting the same results.
I promise you that if you apply what you’ll discover during the Challenge, you WILL achieve transformational results …
,,, in most cases even DURING the 5-day Challenge!

This Challenge Is Free

We want to really wanted to help small businesses with their marketing and sales.  Hence, this Challenge is completly free.

This Challenge Is About Your Marketing

You will get to work on your marketing strategies.  You will be pleasantly surprised how much improvement you will see in your marketing.

This Challenge Is About Growing Your Sales

With you marketing becoming laser sharp, you will be able to engage better with your target client and convert more i.e. more sales.

This Challenge is Packed With Fun

With 5 days and 9 tactics, you will have a lot of fun in this Challenge.  Just 2 hours a day will bring you the fun as well as results.

What You Get When You Enrol For


#1  Your Own Dedicated Dashboard For The Challenge

When you enrol into the challenge, you’ll have access to SELL MORE STUFF CHALLENGE section of the Core Asset Vault.
Having a dedicated dashboard means you will be able to easily manage and track your progress in the Challenge.


As soon as enrol into the Challenge, you will receive the SELL MORE STUFF CHALLENGE Workbook.

The Workbook includes…

  • An overviw of daily assignments and the steps required to complete it
  • Proven ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ templates for each of the 9 Core Elements, making it so easy for you to add them to your marketing strategies
  • Checklists for each assigment to ensure you include all the key elements

#3  Your Own Easy To Understand Video Tutorials

With each assignent, You will reeive a video tutorial where the host will take YOU through the assignemnt and the objectives.

These videos are designed to not only highlight the Challenge (the what) but also explain why each tactic is so successful (the why) and what you need to do to implement them into Your business (the how).

#4  Your Own Step-by-Step Playbook For Each Assignment

With each assignment, You will receive its own ‘Playbook’. 

The Playbook guides You, step-by-step, showing You exactly how to implement the Core Elements into Your daily tasks. 
Simply follow each step and in no time You will have created a powerful tactic ready to unleash on all Your existing marketing and advertising.
The Playbooks ‘close the loop’ along with the ‘Fill-In-The-Blank’ Templates, and ‘Never-Miss-A-Thing’ Checklists.  You’ll feel like a marketing pro even if you have no prior sales and marketing experience!

#5  Your Own Access To Sales Accelerator Roadmap

The Sales Accelerator Roadmap is our ingenious software porgramme.

It uses analysis from thousands of businesses and produces insightful results tailored to Your specific feedback based on Your own sales and marketing. 

Then the ground-breaking algorithm uses this data to identify the relative strengths, weaknesses and gaps in Your entire sales and marketing strategy and produces an ‘Effectiveness Score’ and a step-by-step ‘Roadmap’.

Who is this Challenge For?

See if You Do Qualify


Although SELL MORE STUFF CHALLENGE is designed to suit each and every sector and the strategies discussed are applicable in all industries, this Challenge is not for everyone.

So, who are the ideal participants for this Challenge? 

Well, this Challenge is perfect if:

  • You have a trading business
  • You use one or more marketing tactics or strategies to generate leads and clients, customers or patients  (for example: landing pages, web site, sales funnels, email, sms, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Google ads, YouTube ads, social media, print advertising (magazines, newsletters, newspapers, etc.), direct mail (letters, postcards, leaflets, etc.). Basically any online AND/OR offline tactics and strategies
  • You’re prepared to put a small amount of time and effort in each day for 5 days to complete the Challenge
  • ​You simply want to improve your sales and profits without spending a penny more


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Contact Us

Registered Address

Office 113, 58 Peregrine Road, Hainault, London, Essex, UK  IG6 3SZ

Company Number:  12836245

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